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AWS Cloud Consulting Services

AWS Cloud Consulting Services

With north of 175 AWS cloud counseling administrations going from the standard register, stockpiling and data set arrangements to cutting edge advancements, like IoT, computer based intelligence and ML, AWS have been giving cloud administrations beginning around 2006, while distributed computing was acquainted with the world. Be that as it may, exploring AWS’s immense menu of administrations, picking the ones the most ideal for your necessities, and modifying them to guarantee cost-and functional efficiencies can be an overwhelming errand. AWS cloud relocations are perplexing methodology with nobody size-fits-all methodology. With our broad cross-industry experience and our status as a favored AWS advance collaborate with numerous industry skill, Celestibia is an Amazon Cloud Expert that completely assesses your ongoing IT scene utilizing cutting edge instruments and, joined with our experience from enormous scope cloud movements, constructs an exhaustive guide for your amazon cloud venture.

Experties on AWS Cloud Services

Amazon EC2 & Amazon Lightsail

We are specialized in creating virtual servers and upscale/downscale the instances as per the demand of your business operations.

Amazon VPC / VPN

The Virtual Private Cloud provided by AWS lets you launch all the AWS resources in a virtual network that you define as per your requirement.

Amazon s3

The Simple Storage Service (S3) by Amazon which facilitates the cloud storage space various types of web development applications.

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery

We provide End-to-End Disaster recovery on cloud with AWS, and Azure, Elastic Container Registry/ Elastic Container Service / Elastic Kubernetes Service, Our cloud professionals know the value of Dockerization the applications to provide high-end performance to the cloud.

Amazon RDS

A reliable, cost-efficient and resizable capacity Relational Database System(RDS) provided by Amazon manages the business transactions effectively.

Amazon Route 53

Manage your DNS records, hosted zones and queries in an easy way with Amazon Route 53.

Amazon CloudFront

Teleglobal International SRO’s expertise Amazon CloudFront CDN speeds up distribution of various types of web content such as images, videos, APIs to your users globally in minimal time.

Amazon SES

We manage the marketing and promotional emails for your business with a lower bounce rate. Now receive emails from users with Amazon SES.

Amazon OpsWorks

Amazon OpsWorks manages infrastructure deployment for cloud administrators to add new servers to within minutes.

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