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Cyber Security Services

We recognize the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity for your business. That’s why we offer a wide range of security services. 

Cloud Security

Celestibia offers a range of cloud security services to ensure comprehensive protection for your enterprise. With our Public Cloud Security services, we improve detection and response times, reduce threat costs, and aid compliance. Our Hybrid Cloud Security offers fine-grained visibility and control to manage complex security challenges with advanced tech solutions. Our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) platform provides a centralized control point for security and compliance across multiple cloud services. Celestibia’s Web Application Firewall detects and prevents data theft, immobilization, or hijacking caused by application vulnerabilities, while our Data Leak Prevention service offers cutting-edge monitoring and management of data flow to prevent unauthorized access. We also provide Identity as a Service (IDaaS) for secure single sign-on and role-based access to applications, Privilege Access Management And Multi-Factor Authentication, and Managed Multi-Factor Authentication for an extra layer of protection during the authentication process.

Network Security

Celestibia offers network and infrastructure security solutions for enterprise protection, including Secure Web Gateway, Secure Private Access-Zero Trust Network, Firewall and Unified Threat Management, Firewall Risk Audit and Optimization, DDoS Protection Services, and Secure Internet Gateway (Firewall as a Service). Our solutions provide complete visibility of web-based activities, uniform security policies deployment, 24/7/365 real-time protection, and management by expert security staff. We defend against emerging threats, manage complex network security policies, and provide coverage for common security needs like firewall, IDPS, VPN, and web filtering.

Threat Management – SOC

At Celestibia’s Threat Management-SOC, we provide industry-leading cybersecurity solutions. Our Endpoint Security Service offers 24/7 monitoring and quick threat remediation. We use AI and ML in our Managed Detection and Response service to efficiently detect and respond to complex attacks. With our Security Event Monitoring and Analytics service, we provide centralized detection and response capabilities. In addition, we offer advanced services such as User and Entity Behaviour Analytics, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response, Private Threat Intelligence, Deception as a Service, and Threat Hunting, Incident Response Retainer Services. Our state-of-the-art services leverage cutting-edge techniques such as deception technology and threat hunting to identify and isolate elusive threats that can bypass traditional security measures.

Governance, Risk And Compliance

Celestibia’s Governance, Risk and Compliance Management services provide comprehensive solutions for identifying, assessing, and mitigating cyber risks. We offer Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment, Compliance Audits, Data Privacy Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Web and Mobile Application Security Testing, Phishing Simulation Services, Red Teaming Services, Website Defacement Monitoring, Digital Exposure Monitoring Service, and OT Security Consulting Service. Our services help clients build and maintain a strong cybersecurity posture and protect their assets from cyber threats.

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