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Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Celestibia is a disaster recovery services provider that provides rapid, robust and comprehensive disaster recovery strategies. On the enterprise level, business continuity depends on the efficiency and uninterrupted business process across the organization – from initiation to target fulfillment. Cloud downtime in your business services leads to loss of productivity, revenue, and brand reputation.

For a business, it is of utmost priority to protect valuable business data against natural disasters, calamities and potential threats. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to take necessary actions towards disaster recovery mechanisms while working on the cloud.

With Celestibia  you get a complete cloud disaster recovery solution for your IT environments on a secure and robust platform. The Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Service costs significantly less than traditional recovery solutions. We ensure that your business runs smoothly while we perform the recovery mechanism on your cloud infrastructure.

Backing Up From A Cloud Data Center

From a private cloud

From both public and hybrid cloud environment

From the identical cloud service used to keep statistics

To restore to its original cloud environment

Benefits Of Our Cloud Disaster Recovery

TCO is Total Cost of Ownership which is an estimation of costs for the customers to determine the cost of a product or system. Teleglobal International focuses on synchronizing business data with the primary data center, which results in the reduction of TCO for the enterprise.


Our Disaster Recovery solutions operate in the background, without impacting your ongoing business processes. Our Continuous Data Protection engine works in memory, doesn’t take any snapshots and neither writes any data, which means there is a negligible impact on the performance of your cloud.


Before going live with the disaster recovery mechanisms, our cloud experts perform complete audit of your cloud infrastructure and also implements readiness test.


Our disaster recovery solutions support all the cloud infrastructure across various operating systems, databases and workloads. It is used to automate the process of replication and recover such elements.


Since our disaster recovery mechanisms are curated and proven, our solutions result in a reduction of infrastructure costs. You pay only for the computing resources that support your applications.


We perform an in-depth assessment of your cloud which helps us to make the recovery process faster, as the professionals are aware of any instances that can take place through it.

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