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Cloud Data Warehouse

Cloud Data Warehouse

A cloud data warehouse uses the space and compute power allocated by a cloud provider to integrate and store data from disparate data sources for analytical querying and reporting. Cloud data warehouse does not require purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware; it scales cost-effectively, minimizing the risk of infrastructure overprovisioning. Instant scalability, flexibility and reliability of the cloud enables data warehouse enhanced performance and availability, which results in accelerated business intelligence and, thus, faster business decisions.

Cloud Data Warehouse Key Features

Data integration and management

  • Data integration with ETL/ELT processes.
  • Flexible SQL querying of data.
  • Ingestion of all data types (structured, semi-structured, unstructured).
  • Big data ingestion.
  • Streaming data ingeston.
  • Full and incremental data extraction/load.
  • Data transformation of varying complexity (data type conversion, summarization, etc.).

Data storage

  • Subject-oriented data storage.
  • Storage of time-variant (from the historical point of view) data.
  • Read-only data storage.
  • Integrated data storage (data is consolidated from disparate data sources).
  • Metadata storage.
  • Optimized data storage (columnar data storage, data compression, etc.).

Data warehouse database performance

  • Elastic on-demand scaling of storage and compute resources.
  • Massively parallel processing database.
  • Materialized view support (reusing pre-computed results of analytical queries).
  • Result caching.
  • Performance and concurrency dynamic management (predicting and prioritizing queries with ML).
  • Fault tolerance.

Data warehouse database management

  • Automated infrastructure provisioning.
  • Automatic data backup.
  • Pre-built data source integrations.

Security and compliance

  • Data encryption.
  • Granular access control.
  • User authentication and authorization for data access.
  • Compliance with national, regional, and industry-specific regulations (for example, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS).
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