Case Studies

Accelerating Technological Transformation with AWS EKS, DevOps, and Advanced Tooling
Client Overview:

Client Name: DynamicQuotient Technologies
Industry: Technology Solutions
Current State: DynamicQuotient Technologies , a forward-thinking technology company, is experiencing rapid growth in its user base and demands for its innovative applications. However, the existing infrastructure is struggling to scale efficiently, leading to performance bottlenecks during peak usage times

Industry: Technology Solutions

Navigate an outdated tech landscape, battle scalability woes, and conquer sluggish development workflows, Scalability Issues, Deployment Complexity. 


In the fast-paced world of technology, every business faces its Everest. Tech Innovators Inc., a visionary in the tech solution domain, found itself at a crossroads. Aging infrastructure, scalability concerns, and development bottlenecks were the adversaries. That’s when they partnered with Celestibia Solutions Pvt to embark on a transformative journey.

Customer Issue:
Tech Innovators Inc. was shackled by a legacy infrastructure that hindered their agility. Scaling operations became a daunting task, and the development team found themselves bogged down in a labyrinth of slow, manual processes. The need for a change echoed from every corner of their tech fortress.

Modernize Infrastructure with AWS EKS: Liberate from the legacy with AWS EKS, enabling dynamic scaling and orchestration of containerized applications.

Implement Comprehensive DevOps Practices:
Unleash the power of AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, Docker, Kubernetes, and more to revolutionize development workflows.

Enhance Security Measures:
Integrate tools like SonarQube and Trivy to fortify the code and infrastructure against vulnerabilities.

Optimize Cost: Align the tech arsenal for cost-effective utilization while boosting performance

1. AWS EKS Implementation: Our tech magicians orchestrated the migration, ushering in AWS EKS to breathe life into their applications. Now, scaling was as fluid as the dance of the clouds.
2. DevOps Alchemy: AWS CodeBuild and CodeDeploy: Spells of automation for swift builds and deployments. 
Docker and Kubernetes: Magic potions for portability and seamless application management.
3. IAC and Version Control:
Terraform: Transformative runes for infrastructure.
Version Control System: A time-turner for tracking changes and fostering collaboration.
4. Continuous Vigilance and Security:
AWS CloudWatch: The watchful sentinel for application well-being.
SonarQube: A wise oracle ensuring code health.
Trivy: A guardian at the gate, scanning for vulnerabilities.

From Chains to Wings: AWS EKS liberated Tech Innovators Inc. from the chains of outdated infrastructure, enabling dynamic scaling and orchestration.

Swift as a Falcon
: DevOps alchemy reduced time-to-market by 30%, making every release as swift as a falcon’s dive.
Shielded by Magic: The implementation of SonarQube and Trivy fortified their code and containers, warding off potential threats.
Goldilocks’ Blessing: AWS costs reduced by 25%, finding the perfect balance between performance and expenditure.

The technological odyssey between Tech Innovators Inc. and Celestibia Solutions Pvt didn’t just solve problems; it transformed challenges into opportunities. The fusion of AWS EKS and the enchanting DevOps toolkit not only conquered Everest but paved the way for future conquests.

Embark on Your Odyssey:
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