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DevOps as a Service

DevOps as a Service

The cloud has turned into an inexorably famous decision as associations exploit adaptability, accessibility, estimating, framework and programming the board, and so forth. DevOps has stuck to this same pattern as additional associations move their IT surroundings to the cloud. Moving DevOps to the cloud empowers designers, analyzers, and tasks individuals to team up, create and convey applications quicker and all the more successfully. The normal movement in this development is DevOps as a Help.

DevOps benefits

Why successful companies adopt DevOps?

  • Increased business agility: After having the DevOps culture adopted, companies notice more active interaction process among all departments.
  • Faster innovation adoption: Innovations are associated with benefits, not with fear and need. Cutting-edge technologies are now business itself.
  • Faster deployment cycle: Managers also admit reduced deployment cycles by up to 70%!
  • Reduced downtime and failures: Zero-downtime deployments and incidents management are the key principles of DevOps philosophy.
  • Increase in product quality: Continuous testing and CI/CD pipelines eliminate the probability of critical bugs emerging in production.
  • Security: DevOps practices guarantee a painless process of continuous security updates, logging and infrastructure changes monitoring via IaC approach.
  • Swift bug fix: Thanks to optimized communication between the teams and professionally set up alerting and monitoring, you can make things up faster.
  • Stable environment: Stability is an essential part of your business process. DevOps as a service ensures stable and always-available application.

Celestibia Solutions DevOps services

We provide end-to-end solutions of any complexity. With our DevOps as a Service offering you get one-click deployment, improved product quality, and reduced maintenance cost.

DevOps in Cloud

• Cloud architecture design
• Cloud readiness assessment
• Cloud migration services
• Managed cloud services
• Cloud consulting services


• Serverless architecture
• Serverless maintenance
• Serverless consulting


• Microservices architecture design
• Microservices consulting


• Continuous integration (CI) implementation
• Continuous delivery (CD) implementation
• CI/CD consulting

Container orchestration

• Container orchestration
• Container management services
• Security evaluation and hardening
• Kubernetes managed services

Log management and monitoring

• Log management
• Monitoring
• Reporting
• Alerting

DevOps as a Service

• DevOps assessment & audit
• DevOps implementation from scratch road mapping and strategy design
• DevOps consulting Release management

Infrastructure as code

• Infrastructure automation
• Infrastructure as code implementation in a cloud
• Infrastructure as code implementation on-prem

Tools Our DevOps Consultants Are Well-Versed In

Sample End-To-End DevOps Implementation Scenario

What we do:

• Analyze the current software development cycle, available IT resources, and your IT infrastructure.
• Map business expectations, identify IT capabilities and constraints.
• Devise DevOps implementation strategy.
Create roadmap
What we do:

• Design the containerization approach (based on Kubernetes or Apache Mesos).
• Design the CI/CD approach, define and configure CI/CD tools (e.g., Jenkins, GoCD).
• Advise on the test automation approach (usually based on Selenium and Appium) and integration of continuous testing into the CI/CD pipeline.
• Design integration of IaaC and configuration management tools (Ansible, Chef, and Puppet) with CI/CD tools (GoCD, Jenkins, Bamboo).
• Design an automated monitoring solution (based on Zabbix or Nagios).
• Locate DevOps-specific challenges (e.g., the lack of necessary competencies, legacy applications difficult to containerize) and elaborate on their solutions.
What we do:

• Upskill your IT system administrators, project managers, program managers, delivery managers, developers, software test engineers, and other DevOps practitioners in the required DevOps tools and processes.
• Introduce the IaaC approach.
• Assist in the deployment and configuration of CI/CD and test automation tools.
What we do:

• Mentor your DevOps practitioners to achieve the set DevOps implementation objectives.
• Maintain the operability of the software infrastructure, implement changes in it, ensure a proper load distribution within your IT environment.
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