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IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

We give imaginative IT oversaw administrations to help clients fabricate and uphold very good quality dependable IT frameworks. With our insight, including a-list skill, Celestibia centers around figuring out the business objectives and prerequisites. This helps us in deciphering basic and vital targets into business prerequisites. Our cloud proficient work near make IT abilities that don’t simply meet your current business needs to diminish cost yet in addition guarantees you for the future necessity for improved business and functional capacities. Our specialty is that we consider in IT oversaw contrasted with customary IT backing and administrations. Being capable overseen specialist organization, we take key IT choices proactively. There is consistent correspondence with clients as and when required. We offer a Compensation for every use model of administrations where you can diminish your expense definitely so you can get your administrations as and when required.

IT Managed Services

Proactive IT Infrastructure Monitoring

We use automated tool to monitor critical components of the IT infrastructure like CPU and Memory Utilization, Disk space, Critical services, Server up time etc. Auto generated alerts and set to send alerts to the Help desk team to analyze and take corrective actions or involve required teams.

IT Infrastructure Administration

This includes management & configuration of the Server (Hardware & Software), business critical applications like Active Directory, Mailing system, Database servers etc. We also manage the Backups, server patching and hardening and security audit related items.

Application Management

We manage the business-critical applications, they monitoring, up gradations, configurationally changes, troubleshooting issue, performance monitoring and enhancements, optimization and coordination with 3rd party support team / vendors.

IT Help Desk Support

We have a standard team of L1, L2 and L3 engineers for the management of the IT server and network infrastructure. Our teams operations is monitored under SLA oriented Ticketing system. Our incident management team is making sure that all the incidents are getting required attention and is resolved under SLA.

Our Approach for IT Managed Services Delivery

  • Bring in more Automation of the Task to reduce human errors, faster delivery of the solutions and avoid human errors.
  • Understanding the Business Needs and sharing awareness about the ongoing and upcoming challenges.
  • Sharing Weekly, Monthly And Yearly Status Report for better understanding of the service delivery.
  • Developing a Risk Management Strategy and highlighting any and every potential risk to the business.
  • Designing and implementing Redundant IT Systems.
  • Developing Knowledge Base Articles for business uses for self-help and educating team members about the technology.
  • Managing your existing IT Vendors.
  • Developing and managing IT Tech Roadmap for your organization.
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